Vizovice, Czech republic

Berlin, Germany

Sydney, Australia

Since my childhood, I was interested in horse riding which inspired me to write my first book The Equestrian. I started already at primary school where the story read and evaluated my friends. Later, when I published the story online, more people started to give me feedback and hoped The Equestrian will eventually be released as a printed book. I liked the idea and The Equestrian (in Czech) was published in summer 2018.

I also wrote a psychological novel titled mistake by mistake which is set in high school, primarily in the third and fourth year. The story is mostly about interpersonal relationships that were, are and for me always will be a tough nut to crack. Moreover, I tried to depict the society I was living in and emphasize that it is perfectly fine to make mistakes but also be aware of them.

Currently, I'm writing a novel do I like him or is he just tall? and the third part of The Equestrian.

Writing is my best friend and hobby at the same time. To me, it means freedom because I can use my creativity and imagination without any limits and also my experiences and observations. Right now, I don't know where to aim with my writing but I would like to continue and publish more, it is a great joy. 

Besides writing, I am also a model in the More Human agency where you can find a lot of unique international talents. The agency is run by Jasmine Mortimer and Paul Green and both of them are my big inspiration because they pay attention mainly to human talents. This is what I mostly write about in my books so it is a big honor!  I @morehuman on Instagram I More Human on Facebook